Monday, June 21, 2010

Intimate Knowledge for your Body, Mind, and Spirit

How many ways do you get to take some time for yourself? Doing yoga, drinking tea, spending time with friends, reading a book, or baking can be your way of treating yourself to a little “me” time. Wouldn’t it be great to feel the way all the time? A great way to take that “me” feeling with you everywhere is with what’s closest to your skin- intimates!
Great lingerie can work wonders for you mentally, emotionally, and physically!
The most important thing to look for in new lingerie is fit. We’ve all heard that a properly fitting bra, can make you look thinner, stand up straighter, and both of those things can lead to, a renewed sense of physical well-being.
In addition to looking and feeling better physically, refreshing your lingerie gives you the confidence that you’re put together both inside and out. Wearing a fabulous new lace bra or set underneath a dress or even jeans on a first date or a date night can give you that  feeling of  confidence and strength that you might get from a workout. Discovering the perfect T-shirt bra or shapewear for under a suit or work outfit can function the same way as prepping for a big presentation,  at least you’ll know that you look pulled together and  that will leave you feeling ready for anything.
It’s important to shop for new intimates as your body will change over the years. If you refocus and by refitting yourself you are re-centering and getting in touch with your body, mind, and well-being. Modern lingerie has elastic that loses it’s “return” over time, which makes it even more important to update your lingerie wardrobe when bras or panties lose their shape imagine what that does for your sense of self and well being? Once you’ve found that perfect new pair make sure to extend their life by properly caring for them, and that way you can extend that good feeling longer!
Ready to take the plunge and refit yourself? At you can walk through each step yourself online with our Bra Fit and Size Guide ,or call and speak with a customer service representative trained in fitting that can guide you through and give you tips on  everything from what styles may work best for your body type to what brands run small or large- intimate knowledge that will do wonders for your body, mind, and spirit!

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