Thursday, April 22, 2010

Getting On The "A" List-The Alyse B Salon

“ The Alyse B. Salon, In Home Expert Hair Care” . . .

Hairstyling with a twist, a curl, and a dash of fabulous!

People invite me into their homes to cut, color, style, and highlight their hair.

Think about it, it works for so many reasons.

You don't need to leave the comfort of your own home and waste time & gas.

You won’t have to dig into your wallet and worry if you “took care” of this or that person.

In a salon there are so many people servicing you, you never know if you have “taken care” of everyone necessary.

The hours - if you need an appointment at a particular time to Alyse will fit into your busy schedule.

Here is what they are saying about Alyse B Salon....

"Alyse came to my house and made my hair sexy and flirty I got so many compliments I only remember 30."

Xoxo, Lori

"B. On The A-List"
Alyse B. Schiffman Owner.
Founder. Colorist. Stylist
The Alyse B. Salon INC.
Westchester, NY

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1 comment:

Abbey said...

This is a great idea. Instead of going out to doll ourselves up, we can just call and have it done in our homes. I wish this service was available where I live.