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Ten Best iPhone Apps (Plus a Gimme)

27th October


written by DavidOliver

Live in Westchester and need to fill up that shiny new iPhone with useful apps?  Here are some  tools to help you cope with Westerchester life, and enjoy your down-time.  Many of these apps use your iPhone’s GPS location capability to make operation a snap (though most are also compatible with the iPod Touch, as well).  A few cost money, though lots are free!

Note: the links provided will open directly to each application’s page on the Apple iTunes AppStore

Let’s get started…

#10 Free Wi-Fi Finder

Gotta have a laptop hookup and now?!  And you find yourself in … Pound Ridge?!  Find free wi-fi hotspots all over the world using your iPhone.  Super handy when you’re not in your home area or in far-flung WestCo locales (not for iPod Touch).

#9 Offender Locator

Definitely not for everybody, but if you’ve got little kids you might consider this app.  Use it to see if registered sex offenders are living anywhere near any address you might visit or reside.  Even useful if you’ll be trick-or-treating in an unfamiliar neighborhood this year.

#8 City Transit (NYC Subways)

Exactly what you’d expect and exactly what you need, no matter if you’re a daily commuter or only an occasional visitor.  You want this foundation app in your pocket! Too bad Metro North doesn’t have something similar.

#7 Weatherbug

Whether you’re a weather “bug” or whether you’re a weatherphobe, this is the only weather app you need.  The elite version has true weatherbug features and costs only $.99!

#6 Lose it!

Look, sometimes we all need a little support in attaining our goals.  If you need to reduce, this easy and handle app helps you keep track of what you’re eating and how that fits with your weight loss needs.  The app’s home screen serves as a great little affirmation (or overlord!), too!

#5 New York Times

America’s newspaper of record and our own “local paper” (aren’t we lucky?) also has the best news-related iPhone app.  No, it’s not a mini web site - it’s the right sort of mobile filter, giving you what you need in an easy to scan format.  Easily the best way to get your daily Liberal Media Bias on the go!

#4 Hop Stop

Yeah, we all think we know the NYC subway lines.  But we all need a little help, still, getting from here to there when changing lines or (God forbid!) transfering to the bus. Hop Stop’s got you covered, and it’s totally discrete.

#3 McSweeney’s

Timothy McSweeney rocks! If you love the website you’ll love this app. A fantastic mix of humor, wit and excellent writing curated from the best of America’s literary community.  Expensive, but worth it for lit freaks!

#2 Bloom

Finally, an app for adult music lovers! Brian Eno’s incredible ‘generative music’ app for the iPhone.  Visually and spiritually soothing, and fun - how can you top that? At $3.99, an expensive app - but this much fun typically costs much more.

#1 Open Table

My personal all-time favorite iPhone app.  Always know where you can get a table, whether it’s your favorite haunt or a cozy little place around an unfamiliar corner. Perfect when your date is unexpectedly finicky, too.

And the one that got away…

Westchester-based PepsiCo had to apologize and de-list it’s “B4 U Score” pick-up app, designed as viral marketing for Pepsi’s AMP energy drink.  Women took offense at the stereotyping, cheesy pick-up lines and conquest logging feature. Ya think? Bummer, though - it was a great example of iPhone app design (from a purely academic perspective).

And, for the upcoming holiday…

Halloween Party-in-a-Box

Have no time to buy a bunch of goof tracks on iTunes?  Here’s the one-stop shop for all your Halloween fright sounds.  Mix your own, make it random, but any way you flip it you’ll have the local kids too scared to come to your door!


David Oliver (@davidmoliver) writes mobile software, enjoys skiing and a good glass of wine, and sometimes snaps pictures here in Westchester

Sleepy Backwater » Blog Archive » Ten Best iPhone Apps (Plus a Gimme)


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