Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Libby's NY Samples Shop- No Sneakers Required

It's not just exercise that makes everyone look good at The Saw Mill Club.

You’ve heard of the Saw Mill Club but are you in on its little hidden gem? Libby’s NY Samples Shop. It seems to be the best kept secret. What's the secret you ask?

The shop is full of fun fall scarves; one size fits all type of dressing and a beautiful selection of fashion jewelry. The secret is the prices. They are very reasonable. It a popular stop for a quick pick-me up for yourself or a girl friend, or mom, or sister gift as well as tween to teenage gift giving too.

No sneakers required! Member or Non-member all are welcome. Come on in the front or back door of the Saw Mill Club and look for Libby’s NY Samples Shop across from the Yoga Studio and just inside the family (back) entrance.

Best pick-me-up in town under $30.

Canal Street comes to Kisco. Walking in the door of the Saw Mill Club is a lot easier than heading to the city and it’s a nicer atmosphere.

Who says your dollar doesn’t go far in Westchester. Reasonably priced but very fashionable jewelry, scarves for $20 and under, clothing from $18 to $65, designer silk neckties for $10, sunglasses at $8, hair accessories for $1.50…shop for your son, husband, boyfriend, daughter, daughters boyfriend and even your dog!

Dads & Grads: There’s hardly an excuse not to freshen up Dad’s or that Grad’s neck wear collection when you can pick up a silk tie for $10 (Value up to $80). Adorable Grad gifts for her too. Cute wallets, watches, wispy scarves and more.

Libby Parker

NY Samples Shop

@ Saw Mill Club

77 Kensico Drive

Mt. Kisco, NY 10549

(914) 548-8720

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