Thursday, April 15, 2010

Discover Camp What Will Your Child Learn This Summer

 discover_camp Stacyknows about Discover Camp. Recently at a benefit dinner I was catching up with an old friend, Mike Corso of   Mike was enthusiastically telling me about the summer camp that his three sons have attended the past two years and are returning to this summer.  His sons not only attended, they begged to put off a summer vacation so they could stay an extra week!  This is not just any summer camp it’s a kids’ dream camp.  Mike told me the boys built Lego robots, model airplanes, rockets and their favorite class was called The Racing Academy where the boys built monster radio controlled cars from kits.

Discover Camp was started three years ago by Anthony Rich, a teacher trainer with seventeen years of classroom experience and sixteen of experience running summer enrichment programs at other camps.  Mr. Rich, as he’s known around camp, started the program out of his own personal love of hands-on hobbies.  He’s been building planes, trains, and cars since he was a little boy.  This certainly shows through his own personal enthusiasm for the classes he teaches.  You see, Anthony can’t sit in an office all day.  He loves teaching and runs four of his own classes during the day.  These of course are the most popular courses at camp and there is a waiting list to get into them.  But Mr. Rich is not the only instructor.  He employs 30 other certified teachers to teach over 60 different classes at Discover CampDiscover Camp offers everything from jewelry making to flag football, from architecture to web design and marketing.  Discover Camp is the only camp in Westchester that offers such a wide array of classes for all types of children.

Mr. Rich adds “All children need to engage in enriching experiences.  To say that only the brightest children should be able to take these classes is not realistic.  Children learn best when they’re having fun and we’re exposing them to activities that they certainly don’t see in school.  A child leaves Discover Camp with new interests and hobbies that we hope last well into the future.

Mr. Rich rents the entire campus of Holy Rosary School for the summer which is less than a minute off the Sprain Brooke Parkway or the Taconic Parkway in Hawthorne.  More information can be found at 

Future Open House Dates:

Saturday April 17th 2-4pm

Sunday May 16th 3-5pm

What will your Kids Learn this Summer?

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Great camp, for sure! Contact me for a testimonial: mike AT coolsite DOT com