Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just Text Me If You Need Anything

My son is working at a sleepaway camp in the Adirondacks.  So far I have received numerous texts, all about things he needs.

Text -  Please send, passport and shoes I can wear without socks that are very comfortable, socks, a couple of books, and towels.

I locate the passport, pack the towels, buy him 6 pair of  Thorlo socks, since he is teaching tennis.  I go to Borders to pick out books. They ask what he's into.  I said he is in to The Rolling Stones and The Doors.  He texted,  it should be epic . I think I nailed it.
Well, Borders did, they recommended The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test and On the Road (Penguin Great Books of the 20th Century). I only wish I had time to read those books  before I send them up to camp.

Next, he requests, shoes he can wear without socks, that are very comfortable.  I  think he is asking for topsiders.  I start to peruse Zappos.com .  Needless to say, my husband who happens to have excellent taste in shoes has his two cents to add in.  He opts for a classic Sperry topsider with laces.  I know my kid, laces are not his thing.  He is 19, I am not sure he can tie his shoes yet.  I opt for a slip boat shoe or even a driving shoe.  I do have a shoe "thing" when it comes to guys .  I always said I went on a second date with my husband  because he had good shoes.  I always knew, if I  was going to have a good time with a date based on his shoes.

Any way back to the shoes,  he texts again, 'comfortable shoes, I can wear without socks, I don't care how dorky they look, thanks".  You know how I feel about dorky shoes, its just not going to happen on my watch.

I text "would you rather have a boat shoe or a driving shoe.  Would you like the authentic sperry topsider with laces?"

He responds " Idk really not the laces maybe the leather ones but I was thinkin of  likea light weight semi close shoe that I think is made by Columbia its a water and hiking shoe that some one has here."

Meanwhile , I keep checking Zappos.com  I check out all the choices from Columbia.

Authentic OriginalBlackfin#8482; Newport H2 Newport
I text  what's "semi closed".  Sandals or clogs.

I call Zappos.com.  I get a sales associate,Jennifer, on the phone.  I ask her how she is doing she says "awesome".   I figured I would tap into some of that energy. I tell her the whole story, a little about my kid and how I hate dorky shoes. She helps me find all the shoes that fit these crazy texts description.

I get another text. He wants them for swimming and hiking.  Then another text " not necessarily semi closed like make sure there is air flow.

I keep looking.  i get yet another text.  "They cant be opened toed, because you can't wear sandals in the dining hall".

I finally made a decision.  I can't say I like the shoes, but they serve a purpose and I don't have to see them.

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