Thursday, June 24, 2010

Treat is a Real Treat

Growing up in Bayside, NY, there was a great place for frozen yogurt called Yummy Yogurt, and it was . But that was many , many years ago.

The other day through the beauty of  facebook my girlfriend Christine alerted the world that she was going to Treat for frozen yogurt.  Visions of Yummy Yogurt circled in my head.  I asked here where it was and she told me it was behind D'agastino's in the Cross River Shopping  Center.  I figured, I would get there eventually.

As luck would have it , I had to go to Cross River Animal Hospital to pick up dog food for Sophie, my Wheaten Terrier.  I drove my car to the shopping center, and didn't see Treat.  Christine said it was behind D'agastinos.  There at the end of the shopping center was a sign Treat.

Treat low fat tastes just like soft serve ice cream but is much better for you. It only has about 150 calories. It Comes in chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, peanut butter, coffee and a tart flavor that tastes exactly like the Bloomingdale's yogurt.

Fresh fruit topping are available.  I promise they are really fresh.   The kids working there assured me that they spend their days chopping away.

Dry toppings too.  Today, I opted for toasted coconut.

Treat it's worth the trip

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