Monday, August 2, 2010

Dear Social Media, I Am Breaking Up With You

I wish I  could take credit for this but I can't.  It's still hysterical even if I didn't write it.

Dear social media, I’m sorry I have to this to you. You’re a Firefox for sure, but things are just so Mashabled right now.

iPhone you all the time and you never call me back. I bought you all that Bing, but you never wear it. Your cooking isn’t exactly; you feedburnered that blogroll beyond recognition. We never Google anymore and I miss poking your Dropbox with my wiki. Honestly, you were never really the same after that Groupon thing we tried. I know you like Craigslist better than mine anyway.

Please don’t Redditt too much into this. I really digg you. There’s just no fire anymore, barely a Flickr. It’s hard to re-Kindle this kind of thing. We really were Linkedin at one point.

Believe me when I say it’s not YouTube it’s meme. You’re tweet, you really are, but I need Myspace. You will Stumbleupon someone else. I’m going to go crowdsourcing in Gowalla with Pandora for a while.

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