Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Small Closet

Convert any wall into a closet instantly and spice up your room all in one shot!

            Now you can transform any wall in your home into an entire closet, filled with racks and hanging space from The Container Store. The trick is in the drapery. Drapes Décor and More can cover your entire wall into a closet space by applying lovely hanging curtains that can be pulled aside to view clothing. (see image below)

     Costumer service is the top priority at Drapes Décor (www.drapesdecor.com). The purpose is to understand that window treatments are essential to the comfort of a home. The team at Drapes Décor makes sure that your product is delivered in a timely manner and that needed adjustments are addressed promptly and efficiently.
      Window treatments are the finishing touch in any design. “A beautiful home looks unfitted without drapers,” says Toti Fleischman, president of Drapes Décor and more. Our philosophy is that drapes don't have to "be expensive" to "look expensive". With the right combination of colors and fabric, a window can be dressed economically creating a beautiful product to compliment the look and luxury of your home.
    Drapes Decor and More has been serving the South Florida community since 1999. With a keen eye for design and color coordination, the team at Drapes Décor delivers a finished project that is impeccable in style and superior in construction. The leading-edge looks created by Drapes Décor reflect the individual style, needs and desires of each client.

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