Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Clear Your Colon By Christmas

5 Reasons to Detox
By Elaine Zeitler, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist and Health Coach

Recently, a lot of attention has been buzzing around about cleansing and detoxification. The topic of juice cleansing (BluePrintCleanse, Clean Program, Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox, etc.) and off-the-shelf detox programs are becoming so popular that you probably know at least one person doing such a program. However, before jumping into a detox program, you may want some more information. If so, here are 5 reasons to consider cleansing and detoxification:
Jump Start Weight Loss
There is no better way to jump start a weight loss program than to start with cleansing. By eating healthier foods and cleaning the body, weight loss naturally happens. Once cleansing begins, we naturally think before we put “less than desirable” foods into our bodies.

Lack of Energy
Lack of energy and fatigue is something we confront on a daily basis. Lack of sleep, poor diet and stress contribute to the constant drain on our energy. Many of the foods and beverages we ingest each day are chock full of chemicals, additives and preservatives. As these substances accumulate in the body, our energy is constantly strained. The body is constantly trying to break these substances down. When we cleanse, we start to remove these toxins and energy naturally begins to return.
Clearer Skin
Commonly we try to remedy acne and other skin problems with medications, creams and visits to the doctor. However, the buildup of toxins in the body manifests themselves as an outbreak in the skin. This may take form as acne, rashes and more serious skin inflammations. A full body cleanse offers reduced skin outbreaks and inflammations.
Clean Up from the SAD (Standard American Diet)
When it comes to choosing what to eat and nourishing our bodies, there is a lot of confusion. When we go shopping or try to decide what to eat, we are confronted with countless options. While most of these foods are considered safe, many contain chemicals and additives which buildup in the body and are difficult to breakdown and remove. Detox is an easy way to cleanse the body of these toxins.
Remove Toxins
Our bodies are constantly bombarded by toxins. Toxins are found everywhere – in the environment, our food, our water, cleaning solutions and even our personal care products. Our bodies are in deep overload. It is difficult to break down these toxins and often they are not fully eliminated by our bodies. As we begin to cleanse, we start to remove these toxins and start fresh.
To learn more about cleansing and detoxification programs, contact Elaine at (914) 409-7760 or visit her website at www.evercleancolonics.com or http://evercleancolonics.blogspot.com/

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