Friday, February 11, 2011

1/4 Inch Can Make You Instantly Sexier

Most men will admit to falling for a woman’s eyes – especially if they’re trimmed in long, doe-like lashes.  One of the most trendy and transformative beauty secrets of the stars are Eyelash Extensions.  Look at J.lo, Paris Hilton, Naomi Campbell -- the list goes on. But why should they have all the fun!
Being a natural beauty is easy when you have a secret weapon for minimalist appeal. Gineann Creaney, of Lashes by Gineann, has been applying lash extensions for six years.  A licensed cosmetologist and lash stylist in New York and Connecticut, Gineann uses NovaLash products exclusively because, she says, they are the best.
“I apply individual lash extensions to each one of my clients’ lashes,” says Gineann.   “Nothing is clumped together or attached to the skin, so they look completely natural and they’re waterproof!”
Gineann places each extension onto her clients’ individual lashes, getting incredibly close to the skin, but without touching, to give a beautiful contoured look to the eye, while making the application invisible to the rest of the world.  It looks as though you have just the finest hint of eyeliner!
According to Gineann, NovaLash extensions are great for brides, because they are more than just waterproof, they look great on your wedding day, honeymoon and beyond. Not only will the bride enjoy her lashes, everyone in her bridal party can bat their eyes with pride – even the mother and grandmother of the bride!
On a personal note, I am wearing them right now, and I have to say they are very natural looking.   It’s been two weeks, so far, and I haven’t worn mascara at all. I’ve gone swimming in the ocean, sunbathed, sweat my buns off in a spin class, and they still look as good as they did the day they were applied.
Get your ¼-inch of glamor on now.  Call Gineann at 845-453-4549 or visit the website:

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