Thursday, February 10, 2011

Your Whole Life in the Palm of Your Hand: Introducing The Callet

Are you fed up with having to always search through your wallet or dig through your bag every time you want to access your cash and cards?
Now you will never misplace your credit cards and cash with the CALLET! The Callet is a new phone case that also serves as a wallet. The newly invented and patent pending design makes the Callet easy to use and even easier to take your things with you at the drop of a hat!  The innovative Callet comes customized to fit perfectly on many of the the most popular phones that you already use, but it also has easily accessible and ultra-convenient slit-pockets that can hold your cash and cards. The Callet’s unique design allows for easy access to whatever you’re carrying with you and has been specifically engineered to take up a minimal amount of space when holding your stuff, so it doesn’t have that bulky feeling when you’re on the go.

We know most of you now have a Blackberry or an iPhone, so the Callet is available for either one! You can get it for any Blackberry or iPhone models.

The Callet was created and founded in 2009 by four young entrepreneurs from the New York Metropolitan area. They come from all different backgrounds with one common idea: to create a new lifestyle product that everyone should use. After a year of research and development these young entrepreneurs have created the first ever convenient, trendy, and affordable all-in-one accessory for the Blackberry and iPhone.

For more information, please visit or for press inquiries email or call 305-490-5911

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